Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Your fave book.

Tough. But I’m going with OOTP. So much happens in this one. I completely identify with Harry’s anger and moodiness. If I were in his shoes I would react much the same way. Aside from that, we also get more adults involved. And we get Neville, Luna and Ginny much more involved in the story.


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Went ahead and starteda tumblr blog too.  There’s just too much good stuff out there not too.  http://justemilieu.tumblr.com/

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Ominous Kid

Is it just me or is this kid a total buzzkill in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?  He gets all the ominous lines. 

For example:

Black could be anywhere.  It’s like trying to catch smoke.  Like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.


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The Oscars

Most importantly, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 is nominated for two Oscars this year (Visual Effects and Art Direction.)  Personally, I think these are two categories HP deserves to be a part of.  Harry Potter has always been seen as a “family film” and as such never in the running for much else.  I would *never* expect a screenwriting nomination, though a cinematography or music nomination wouldn’t surprise me. 

As for the other nominees, I am happy to say that I am not furious over the exclusion of anyone.  The oscars are all politics and hype really.  Figuring out who will win is fairly easy if you pay attention to the 24/7 media.  For example, this year, I think it is a safe bet that Colin Firth will likely win for Best Actor.  He’s gotten a lot of press in the last month and he won the Golden Globe.  Also, he was nominated last year and lost.  And who doesn’t love Colin Firth?  He’s adorable and talented.  If he loses this year, it will be a huge upset. 

My first reaction choices:

Actor: Colin Firth (though James Franco could be his upset)

Actress: Natalie Portman (with Annette Bening as her spoiler)

Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (who could compete?  Okay maybe Geoffrey Rush but Bale is a long time favorite of mine.)

Supporting Actress: No idea.  I think I’ll go with Helena Bonham Carter because she’s in Harry Potter too.  Well, that and she is crazy talented.

Movie: The King’s Speech

I would totally love it if Radcliffe, Grint and Watson present at the awards.  That would be awesome.  I might actually watch the show this year if they did!

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The Moment

At the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (the movie), there is a scene when Hermione is un-petrified and comes back to join her friends.  Neville announces her arrival and Harry and Ron lean back to see her.  This was the moment I knew Ron and Hermione would be together. 

At the time, Goblet of Fire was out and I was waiting for Order of the Phoenix.  I had fallen totally in love with Book Ron and Hermione.  But seeing it on the screen made it so much more certain.

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Fallen Warrior

It occured to me today that this scene maybe just sucked a little for Domnhall Gleeson.  You know, considering that his character is talking about the death of another character played by his own father. 

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Something that amused me

I was watching an interview on YouTube this morning and had to pause it.  This was Daniel Radcliffe’s face at the pause.

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